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From the Desktop of: Patricia Lin

Dear Friend,

Blogs have become an integral part of our everyday lives. You've probably heard of people who became celebrities by blogging and many celebrities themselves own blogs. 

Probably you view blogs as nothing more than online journals to rant, rave, and write nonsense or express one's opinion. The truth is, things have changed drastically since those days.

The blog is now a powerful marketing tool, used even by small to medium enterprises and huge corporations to interact with their customers. In fact, it is being used by marketers all over the world to bring in millions of dollars every single day!

So does that mean you simply sign up for a blog, slap on some adsense and viola! Millions?

Not a chance. You see, the Internet has become rather saturated with heaps of blogs on every single niche but if their owners really made heaps of cash we'd be seeing millionaires all over the place from Seattle to Shanghai. 

As it is, many people are still struggling with how to earn heaps of cash from their blogs. And I seriously don't blame them. Come on, we were not taught anything about monetizing from web 2.0 in school, were we?

Secondly, top marketers and 'gurus' don't want you to know everything. Their fear is that you take their powerful techniques and eventually, swipe loads of income and prospects from under their noses.

But I don't have that silly fear.

In fact after making five figure profits from blogging on niche topics from relationships to gardening, I am going to impart to you the formulas and methods I used to reap in tons of blog profits.

Most, if not all of these methods are so simple and straight forward you'll be banging your head against a lamp post. But don't do that yet...because I'm about to reveal the methods I use for making the simple blog a lucrative, cash spewing machine you can milk anytime!



Your Easy Step By Step Guide To Start Making
Serious Money with Blogs

Many guides online claim to be 'detailed' and 'comprehensive' but this guide is an easy to follow yet step by step instructional that will put other so called 'detailed guides' to shame. 

Amongst many things that you will learn about profitable blogging include:  

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Selecting your blogging platform- why is so important you get it right 

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Easily configuring the blog layout and creating content worth a million bucks!

bullet icon

Why niche blogging is a much more profitable topic than the usual 'make money online'

bullet icon

Juicy, meaty tips on writing a blog that pulls in readers like bees to honey 

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Effective places to fit in the adsense code for maximizing your profits!

bullet icon

Reasons why blogs are the best places on earth to promote your affiliate products!

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Top affiliate networks marketers go to and easily grab lucrative, profitable products!

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Easily finding and setting up the plugin software for running the membership blog

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Creating a top notch membership blog that brings in heaps of visitors and profits

bullet icon

Why people willingly donate to your blogs and what turns them off from donations

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The proven and tested methods of advertising on your blog 

And much, much more!

Many marketers would be happy to slap a $67 fee on their half baked ebook and call it the answer to all of mankind's Internet marketing woes.

Let's be honest here. What i'm going to reveal to you may not be new, it probably isn't 'revolutionary' and there might be elements of it in other guides elsewhere.

What it will do is simplify the commercial blogging process, give you a step by step system to follow and most importantly, stuff your bank accounts with the real deal - cold, hard cash.

Here are what those who have benefited from the product have to say:

Hey Patricia! 

I just started out blogging not too long ago and have been trying to figure out how to make money from it. Your guide has simply revealed all there is to know! I have applied your techniques and am starting to see results almost immediately! Thanks a lot! 

James Fisher


Hi Patricia,

I have read many blogging guides but none has been worth every single cent until yours. Your guide is simple and concise and is a must-read for anyone who is thinking of earning from their blog. 

Caroline Price

Today I have decided to make this guide easily accessible for just about any struggling person. If you're willing to sacrifice a meal for two at a fast food diner for thousands and thousands of dollars in return, that is.

I am offering the 'Make Money Through Blogging' guide for the low, low price of:


Let's put it this way - $27 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to what you'll be getting in return – heaps and heaps of profits just by blogging about something you love!

Before I forget, I'm also putting all the risk of purchasing this guide on myself by giving you this


If you've used this guide for 30 days and nothing happens or the content seems rubbish to you, just contact me within the 30 day period and i will return every single penny. 

No questions asked, no hard feelings!

There are two things you could do now... look to other avenues of making money online that could turn out to be scams and drain your already meager finances...or follow a proven, tried and tested formula and start building blogs that fill your accounts with loads of fresh cash!

The introductory price of $27 is only temporary, so grab it fast...before I decided to raise it.

Why struggle like the thousands of novice marketers that flood the web everyday? You deserve a head start than wallow in the mire with them. 

I'm sure you've made your decision...and all you need to do right now to start creating massive, cash churning blogs is to drop down and...

Yours Sincerely,

Laurent Life.

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